Special Packages


AutoRepublic provides the following cover:

Compulsory Thrid Party Liability (CTPL) - This is mandatory coverage required by law.
CTPL ia a protection against liability for death or bodily injured of thrid parties
arising from motor vehicle accidents resulting from the fault/negligence of the assured
or any authorized driver while driving the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance - is an insurance program that covers the insured
motor vehicle against the following:

a) Own Damage / Theft
b) Third Party - Property Damage
c) Third Party - Exces Bodily Injury
d) Personal Accident Coverage

Customized Package - as an optional cover, you can add "Acts of Nature" to your comprehensive
motor vehicle insurance coverage such as loss or damage against typhoon & flood, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami or any force majeure.


Home Republic
Our Comprehensive Homeowner's Insurance Program

Basic Fire / Lighting Residential Insurance - protection against material damaged caused by ordinary fire and fire from heaven or lighting. The coverage is not limited to physical damage by flame but instead includes damage by water, smoke, heat, debris, theft, scorching, soot, fire-fighting chemicals from fire suppression and by collapse of structure.

Customized Package - as an optional cover, you can add "Acts of Nature" to your basic fire / lighting residential insurance coverage such as loss or damage against typhoon, flood, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, or any force majeure.

Homeowners Package Policy - a comprehensive residential insurance program that follows the basic fire and lighting residential insurance plus "acts of nature" covering the structure, additional living expense, personal liability (injury to 3rd parties and property damage), and medical payments to third party.



Golf Republic, a comprehensive golf insurance package that ensures excellent cover in case of any mishap while on golf course or recognized driving range facilities anywhere in the world. Golf Republic is not just an excellent protection in the golf course. We have partnered with EA assist and every member of Golf Republic can avail of our road side assistance.


Travel Republic, a travel insurance package designed to cover losses incurred while travelling such as loss of personal belongings and baggages, medical expenses, baggage delay, flight delay, loss of travel documents and even burial expense.


Condo Republic, an insurance package designed to cover the interiors of your condominium unit including fixtures and personal property, as well as your legal responsibility to third parties bodily injury and property damage.