Republic’s Risk Management Process

We at Republic acknowledge that insurance is not the sole solution for the management of our clients’ risks. In order to do more than issue insurance policies that any other insurer can do, we endeavored to provide a service that will address the total risks that our customers are exposed to. We start by making our customers more aware of their exposures (identification), after which our Risk Management Services Team makes the necessary profiling and analysis of these risk exposures (evaluation) and offer established risk management techniques as well as our own-developed strategies and solutions in eliminating, minimizing and controlling these risk exposures which are then complemented with advanced and cost-efficient insurance programs designed not only to protect our clients from uncertain financial losses brought about by perilous event/s, but at the same time provide improved value creation for their stakeholders (Total Risk Solution).


RM is the process of identification, measurement, assessment of risk and developing strategies to manage risk and monitor (mitigate/control of risk) the effectiveness of the strategies and make necessary adjustments. RM is a continuing process with the objective of eliminating surprises to clients. Clients benefits in terms of

Risks that one is capable of handling becomes opportunities and at Republic, we believe that in order to achieve our vision of being a “Total Risk Solution Provider”, we must not only provide our clients with top-of-the-line customized insurance packages, but enable them to become more risk aware such that we can fully address the totality of the risks that they are exposed.