Our Corporate Culture

We are creating a culture founded on the belief that there is divinity in humanity.

In RSIC, our challenge is “to find God in each other and in others“.

From this belief emanates our vision and core values

Our Company Vision


Putting its core values of malasakit and customer focus to bear, we at RSIC are committed to going beyond traditional insurance underwriting by taking a risk-managed approach in providing insurance and other risk solutions to our clients. Prior to offering insurance solutions, we assist in identifying and assessing the full gamut of risks (“TOTAL”) our clients may be exposed to and offer alternative non-insurance solutions that will complement a cost-efficient insurance program (“RISK SOLUTION”). Along this line, RSIC commits itself in providing (“PROVIDER”) innovative insurance products and risk services that would empower its clients in pursuing its business goals with minimum disruption and improved value creation for its stakeholders.

Our Company Mission


In achieving its vision as a “total risk solution provider”, RSIC aims to deliver quality and world-class protection at the most cost-effective means. Thus, RSIC will continuously develop its core capabilities along the lines of insurance and risk management. It will establish itself as a robust business partner to its owners, customers, reinsurers as well as members of its staff.

Despite its being a “new-comer” under Meralco ownership, RSIC’s initial stages of operation has shown strong positive results in terms of capitalization, operational efficiency and profitability as well as technical expertise. This augurs well to an operational performance at par with the market leadership and resiliency of the Meralco Group of Companies. And this will also be the source of RSIC’s competitive advantage and market differentiation.

Under the proven leadership of its Chairman (Mr. Monico V. Jacob) and President (Dr. Pedro P. Benedicto, Jr.), RSIC’s strong confidence emanates from its distinct strengths in its strong financial condition as well as the experience and technical expertise of its core of officers and staff.

Our Core Values

Our day-to-day affairs and practice of doing our business shall be governed by the following values:

  • Malasakit – We believe that long-term business sustainability can only be achieved through genuine care:
    For others — our customers, our shareholders, the business industry we operate in, the nation as well as the physical environment, and
    For our company and for each other
  • Makabayan – Commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of the Filipino people by doing our share in the interest of nation- building and undertaking high-impact initiatives that support and contribute to the economic and social development of the Country.
  • Integrity / Transparency – Service beyond insurance covers will be the norm in fulfilling our duties. Every product or service that we render should show evidence of “differentiation” and “high value-added”. We will constantly aspire for higher market penetration and market share but only if we can deliver quality with consistent efficiency.
  • Community Service – We shall share our resources including our personal time, talents and resources for the benefit the less fortunate members of our community and of society in general.
  • Teamwork and Collegiality – We move as one in the pursuit of our business objectives with a strong work ethic and spirit of enterprise.
  • Accountability / Empowerment – Accepting responsibility, assuming ownership and taking full accountability for all our actions, whether decisions or behaviours in the delivery of services and management of resources, in our public and private spheres in whatever level we are in the organization.
  • Performance – Creating and enhancing value for all our stakeholders (customers, employees, investors and the communities we serve). Proactively seeking and implementing opportunities that drive and sustain higher quality and levels of organizational performance and growth, cost- effectiveness and efficient delivery of services. Organizational agility and a sense of urgency alongside efficiency, creativity and productivity are key.